“Never let an eyewitness get in the way of a good story.


It hasn’t always been easy to root for the Army. नौसेना ने 2001 में चौदह साल की जीत का सिलसिला शुरू किया, जिसका अर्थ है कि मैंने अपना पूरा बचपन एक हारी हुई टीम के पक्ष में बिताया। जब आपकी टीम चौदह वर्षों से हार रही हो तो उसके लिए टिके रहना आसान नहीं है, खासकर जब विजेता टीम के समर्थक नेवी सील्स हों। . But everything changed on December 10, 2016


’ll be honest, I didn’t watch most of the game. I’d emerge from my room every once in a while, ask how it was going, grab a snack and retreat back. However, I did emerge right before the end of the game to see Army secure its first victory over Navy in my lifetime. To celebrate, my dad and I grabbed the “Go Army, Beat Navy” flag we had hanging outside our door, and ran around the neighborhood hooting and hollering. At least, I think we were hooting and hollering. ”


A few weeks later my parents would tell us that my dad was going to be deployed to the Middle East again. He had been deployed for the entirety of my seventh grade year, and would be gone for my freshman year of high school. I don’t remember much about the Army-Navy game in 2017, or any of the years following honestly. We moved overseas, and the time zones made it impractical to watch the game in real-time. My mom would record and watch the game the next day, and I would always check the score in the morning, but it wasn’t a huge even


Given how much the military community is in a constant state of change, it’s comforting to find the things that will stay the same. The outposts like the commissary and the Exchange, stores on military bases, look pretty much the same across the majority of bases. No matter where we live, my family will have pizza and a movie night every Saturday. I’ve created new routines and found new places to return to. But I always cherish any opportunity to return to something familiar, which is why I follow the Army-Navy game so closely.


don’t want to sell myself as a dedicated football fan now. Last year, I had the game playing on mute on my phone while I was watching “Die Hard” with some friends. It’s not about me making this game into some Super Bowl level event, accompanied by a watch party and snacks. It is about finding that connection to my childhood and my family that can be so easy to lose throughout this busy season. And it’s about beating Navy


Janie Walenda is a junior Global Business major and the A&E editor for Cedars. She is overly passionate about animation, caffeine and weirdly enough “Dracula.”

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